Genuino Products

  • Genuino Uno Rev3

    Genuino Uno Rev3

    Your entry to the unique Genuino experience: from the basics of electronics to rapid prototyping, thousands of opportunities all in one board.

  • Genuino MKR1000

    Genuino MKR1000

    MKR1000 combines the functionality of the Zero and the WiFi Shield. Perfect for IoT projects!

  • Genuino 101

    Genuino 101

    Explore the endless capabilities of physical computing. Genuino 101: with on-board motion sensors and Bluetooth LE radio.

  • Genuino Mega 2560 Rev3

    Genuino Mega 2560 Rev3

    Think big, think Genuino Mega! Designed for your most ambitious projects which require additional pins and extra memory.

  • Genuino Zero

    Genuino Zero

    Express your creative potential, from music to robotics, with the most versatile Genuino board based on a 32-bit ARM processor: Genuino Zero!

  • Genuino Starter Kit [English]

    Genuino Starter Kit [English]

    The ultimate solution for getting started with Genuino, and having fun with a series of interactive projects.

  • Genuino Starter Kit [Italian]

    Genuino Starter Kit [Italian]

    Il kit definitivo per muovere i primi passi con Genuino, divertendosi nella realizzazione di progetti interattivi.

  • Genuino Starter Kit [Spanish]

    Genuino Starter Kit [Spanish]

    El Starter Kit es la mejor soluciĆ³n educativa para aprender a utilizar la plataforma Genuino.

  • Genuino Starter Kit [German]

    Genuino Starter Kit [German]

    Das Genuino Starter Kit ist der perfekte Einstieg, um die Genuino-Plattform kennen zu lernen.

  • MKR Proto Shield

    MKR Proto Shield

    The prototyping shield designed for your MKR board!

  • MKR Proto Shield Large

    MKR Proto Shield Large

    Need more room for your MKR Proto Shield?

  • Proto Shield Rev3 (Uno Size)

    Proto Shield Rev3 (Uno Size)

    Add circuitry to your Genuino!

  • Genuino Micro

    Genuino Micro

    Limited space, big ideas? The Genuino Micro is a tiny board with all the pins of regular-sized Genuino, right at your fingertips.